Full Name
Barbara Chamberlin
Job Title
Game Developer
NMSU Learning Games Lab
Speaker Bio
Dr. Barbara Chamberlin has been working in educational game development since 1993, creating over 30 games, and securing more than $45 million in grant funding. She has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from the University of Virginia but thinks she may have learned the most by being a mom, game player, museum advocate, and school volunteer.

Most recently, she's been working on the NSF-funded Math Snacks series of games, animations and apps (mathsnacks.com), particularly on ways to use them with teachers and in classrooms. Of personal interest to her is game-based learning in math, science and financial literacy, as well as development of life skills through gameplay. Her research also includes refining user testing methodologies for use during formative development of games and learning tools.
Barbara Chamberlin