Full Name
Matheus Araujo Cezarotto
Job Title
Post-doctoral researcher
New Mexico State University
Speaker Bio
Dr. Cezarotto is a postdoc researcher from Brazil. He researches the lab's games and products, working through grant development and providing instructional design expertise.

Dr. Cezarotto received his doctorate and a master's in Design of Information Systems from the Federal University of Paraná (Brazil). He holds a bachelor's in Product Design from the Regional University of Blumenau (Brazil). In his master's thesis and doctoral dissertation, he researched the motivational preferences of children with dyscalculia in math educational games, as part of their neuropsychological treatment.

His professional interests include instructional design, information design, accessibility in games, scientific methodologies, and game-based learning. Dr. Cezarotto is a regular revisor in two scientific Brazilian Symposiums, on Computer Games and Digital Entertainment, and Human Factors in Computing Systems. Also, he is a reviewer of the Graphical Education journal Revista Revista Educação Gráfica and the International Journal of Serious Games (IJSG).
Matheus Cezarotto