About the Conference

The 2021 Consumer Food Safety Education Virtual Conference will be held March 9-12, 2021.

Hosted by the Partnership for Food Safety Education, the event will bring together federal partners, the latest research, and the creative outreach programming of BAC Fighters, an active network of 13,000 health and food safety educators.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend:

  1. Participate in the only conference in the U.S. dedicated to consumer food safety education.
  2. Gain insights into how to change consumer behavior to improve food safety practices.
  3. Connect with the health and food safety community — your peers and colleagues from across the country.
  4. Collaborate with a planning partnership of federal, non-profit, higher education, and industry professionals.
  5. Advance your knowledge at a solution-based program addressing today’s critical food safety challenges.

For further information about conference sponsorship, registration and programming, contact us at cfsec2021@fightbac.org or (202) 688-3260.